Friday, 4 July 2008

who knew Niger Delta?

The Niger Delta region in recent times has been notorious for conflict. But a question I would lie to ask is this, was it today the problem of the Niger Delta started or we are just noticing it?
From my observations the Niger Delta issues is a situation of a people who for a log time have been crying but have been ignored and they do not know which other way to cause attending than through a violent means, after all the whole world is turning to them now.
Who ever knew there was a Niger Delta region? Who knew that where the oil was coming from have been neglected to such extent.
I do not support the violence, but I am saying now that the world is hearing about Niger Delta region, trey should ask the right questions and no one has the right to call them a violent region and blacklist the region.
I was born band brought up in the region and I have never fought because of the level of accurate information and education n I got, but a lot of the young people in that region do not have access to good roads, water, and basic infrastructural facilities e.t.c.

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