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Regeneration Newsletter
Newsletter #6 – July 17th 2008We can’t wait to meet you!With less than a month to go, the Congress organizers are fully ready to host the event. Everybody that’s involved with organizing the event couldn’t possibly be more excited to meet the young participants in August.We do know that some participants worked awfully hard to be able to come to Quebec City this summer, some with no avail. We can assure you that your efforts won’t be wasted, as we have prepared both an amazing programme for those who can attend the event and a very useful platform for those who couldn’t make it with the Virtual Congress. (For more information about the Virtual Congress, see below)If you are still working to attend the event, please know that delays are getting thinner and thinner. We are in the last period and the last confirmations are about to come in. We want to greet as many delegates as we can.Don’t miss this chance to take part in Quebec City’s biggest international youth event of its 400th anniversary celebrations!August 12th: the World Youth WalkOn August 12th 2008, the International Day of the Youth of the United Nations Organisation (UNO) will be celebrated everywhere around the world. This summer, the United Nations system will meet in Quebec City for the World Youth Walk!The main theme for this summer is:"YOUTH AND CLIMATE CHANGE: TIME FOR ACTION"Presented by the Uniterra international cooperation program, this walk will be an important meeting of the committed young people who care about the sustainable development of their communities. It will be a great opportunity to meet the 500 young people of 120 countries from around the world who will participate to ReGeneration 2008. The participants of the 5th edition of the summer School of the Institut du Nouveau-Monde will also participate to this event.Be part of the biggest and the most inspirational gathering of its kind for young people during the events of the 400th anniversary of the City of Quebec.Get all the details at this page: www.wyc2008.qc.ca/marcheOf course, we also invite you to join the event created on Facebook, at this adress: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=69597945496&ref=tsSign the Great Declaration!August 12th won’t be only about the International Youth Day or even the World Youth Walk. Right after the WYW, our friends at the Institut du Nouveau Monde (INM) will unveil the Great Declaration.Here are the project’s goals:"The Great Declaration proclaims the principles and values they wish to promote on a global scale. Its aim is to install the desire for change and to stimulate involvement among citizens. Although primarily proposed by young people, its message is addressed to all generations."The INM organizers are working really hard to gain hundreds of signatures for the Great Declaration. We cheerfully invite you to personally commit to concrete action at the following address: http://www.nowisign.org/.Have your Say!The world’s definitive scientific authority on climate change, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has concluded that the “warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice and rising global average sea level.”[1] The impacts are discernable on every continent and the IPCC predicts that unless we take decisive action now to reduce our emissions, the world will warm a further 1.1-6.4˚C within this century. With rising sea levels, shifting precipitation patterns, widening ranges of disease and more frequent and violent storms, this will have a harrowing impact on human and natural systems, especially the world’s most vulnerable. As UNICEF has pointed out, it is the world’s young and poor who stand to suffer the worst effects of climate change. Is this the world that we want to inherit?The good news is that we have a choice. We can avoid the worst impacts of climate change if we take action now. Youth around the world are standing up and calling for action from their governments, their peers and themselves. We are becoming the solution.Questions:- What roles can you play in creating just and sustainable solutions to the climate challenge?- What resources and support do you need to realize these solutions? - What can we do together at the World Youth Congress to build on this?- What do you feel are the tools that youth need to efficiently battle the environmental challenge that humanity is currently faced with?- If you were to start a climate change-oriented action or project, what would it entail?We will be very happy to have your opinions and stories on the Congress Discussion Board at this address : http://www.wyc2008.qc.ca/virtual/. You will a week to answer to those questions starting from the moment you will receive this newsletter. We will ask some questions each week until the beginning of the World Youth Congress. Don’t forget to specify your age and the country you are coming from!Welcome to the dialogue!For more information, take a look on TakingITGlobal’s page about climate change: http://issues.takingitglobal.org/climateVirtual CongressThe 4th World Youth Congress will take place in Quebec City, Canada during the month of August and even if you cannot attend the Congress in person you can still be an active participant in Congress activities! The Virtual Congress is now online at http://www.wyc2008.qc.ca/virtual/. This space is a place where youth can watch video clips, interact with other people and workshop facilitators, share their thoughts, write articles for the Congress Daily Newspaper, and much more!Check it out![1] Source: IPCC AR4 Synthesis Report, SPM, 2008. Note: range given is an aggregate of all scenarios modelled, based on 1989-1999 to 2089-2099 averages. For pre-industrial temperature increases, add 0.5˚C.
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wAi Africa Newsletter
What is CookingImmortalizing Women's Response to Slave TradeWomen were very significant in resting against the slave trade and protecting their families during the slave trade. wAi Africa is interested in erecting a statue in Cape Coast in order to immortalize women's responses to the slave trade. This project is visualization of history and it tells the women's stories. wAi is accepting partnership from around the world to implement this project. http://www.waiafrica.org/page.php?ppid=6Training Liberian Women in the ArtsThe opportunity to be trained in the arts will be extended to the Liberian women at the Liberian camp in the Central Region of Ghana. WAi Africa and Foundation for Female Photojournalists (FFP) aims to train approximately 20 women in the areas of photography, theater, and video editing. Support such as donations of materials like professional cameras and computers will give women a starting point in live after years civil war. This is a call to support the reconstruction of Liberia. http://www.waiafrica.org/page.php?ppid=6&pid=14Ghana-Liberia Community Harmonization and Reconciliation Arts FestivalWAi Africa and other partners hope to create a festival that involves group dancing, poetry recital, and painting. Want to give your support or attend? http://www.waiafrica.org/page.php?ppid=6&pid=14Artistically Promoting BiodiversityUsing art to save the environment is a new initiative program by wAi-Africa. Recycling widely used materials such as wood, clay, and rocks will lessen the destruction of rivers, plants, and animal ecology. wAi-Africa is committed to establishing multi-purpose furnaces and studios in order to facilitate the use of waste materials and secondary products such as wood dust, glass, etc. http://www.waiafrica.org/page.php?ppid=6&pid=34Want to Follow your Dreams? wAi-Africa can help!Interested in the professional arts? wAi Africa will support you in your country with administrative set-up and program implementation skills. You can create groups focused on women in photography, filmmaking, graphic designing, and much more! http://www.waiafrica.org/page.php?ppid=6&pid=33Entrenching Women in the Arts Economic EmpowermentIn efforts to sustain the environment, wAi-Africa hopes to manufacture paper from all materials that can produce paper products. The goal is to use common agricultural products like saw dust and sugar cane chaff to create paper while still advocating for tree planting and paper recycling. Interested in supporting an environment-friendly project? http://www.waiafrica.org/page.php?ppid=6&pid=35Fulfilling the Dreams of HIV/AIDS Patients in AfricaWAi-Africa pledges to fulfill the dreams of select HIV/AIDS patients within communities that have stigmatized perceptions of HIV/AIDS. The project titled "HIV/AIDS Millionaire Club- the Attraction" will photo document and film AIDS patients in their best dreams to reduce the discrimination and stigmatization of HIV/AIDS patients. Help improve the lives of HIV/AIDS patients by funding this project. http://www.waiafrica.org/page.php?ppid=6&pid=36From the Policies to the People: Reducing Carbon EmissionswAi-Africa intends to reduce carbon emissions by 30% within 5 years in West Africa. To ensure low carbon technologies in energy driven machineries, one phase of the program aims to draft policies and enact laws to legally compel. Through research, media coverage, and legislator engagement. The next phase involves the establishment of functional bio or wind energy stations in communities. The final phase will focus on changing lifestyles by advocating to individuals about lessening carbon emissions. Click on the heading for more information today! Put your money where your heart is. http://www.waiafrica.org/page.php?ppid=6&pid=37Is ICT Sexist?ICT, or Information and Communication Technology, is programmed to exclude women. Software developers have created programs in order to reject offensive information from external sources. Unfortunately, this offensive information includes terminology associated with women, females, sexual harassment, etc. wAi-Africa seeks to conduct research and propose strategies to make all aspects of ICT inclusive of women. http://www.waiafrica.org/page.php?ppid=6&pid=38Call for Proposal- TV Comedy SeriesThe Women's Arts Institute Africa (wAi Africa) is calling on all women writers to script a comedy that will use women as main characters. Chosen scripts will be developed into full scripts by 30th September 2008. All submissions are due by 20th July 2008. http://www.waiafrica.org/news.php?nid=25Please you may unsubscribe should that be a need by emailing http://us.mc563.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=info@waiafrica.org-- Chinyere K. Ojini Communications and Fundraising Women's Arts Institute Africa(wAi Africa) P.O. Box OS 1826 , Osu - Accra, Ghana Tel : +233-21-253845 Cell : +233-24-895- 3063Fax: +233-21-253845 E-mail: http://us.mc563.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=chinyere@waiafrica.org Website: http://www.waiafrica.org/HIV/AIDS CONFERENCE IN MEXICO CITYGYCA UPDATEAs the International AIDS Conference approaches (AIDS 2008), I would like to inform of you of a service that the Kaiser Family Foundation is offering, allowing you to access online coverage of the conference. Kaisernetwork. org's extensive conference coverage will include live and tape-delayed webcasts of select session; podcasts available in Spanish and English; interviews with newsmakers and journalists; and daily narrated video highlights of major conference developments and much more.I would like to point out that everyday from August 3-8, we will be sending out a daily update email featuring highlights from the conference. We hope you will consider forwarding the daily update email to members of your listserv for that week, to help extend the reach of the conference. This is a highly useful service for members on your listserv because the information presented in this conference will be relevant to the public, researchers, scientists, advocates and policymakers alike. Sign up for the email at http://www.kaiserne/ twork.org/ aids2008 . In addition to the daily conference update email, we also have a variety of syndication options, including an online widget, that allow organizations and individuals to feature content on their Web sites, blogs and social networking pages. For more information and to see examples of partners' sites that syndicated content from the 2006 International AIDS Conference, visit http://www.kaiserne/ twork.org/ aids2008/ syndication. cfm.Emilia Eyoemyeyo@yahoo.com
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