Thursday, 31 July 2008

How Long?

How long will it take?
The resident of the Niger Delta region have been crying for development for several years, a lot of commissions have been set up. OMPADEC, NDDC e.t.c but the truth is that how long will it take to developing the region? After the decision to make Abuja the federal capital territory how long id it take the then federal government to develop Abuja.
How long will it really takes for the Niger Delta region to be developed.
This is a question that everyone concerned need to answers and with recent happenings am afraid “the young ones” seems not to be able to wait any longer. The only way to stop then is DEVELOP THE REGION.It is amazing that in some regions people still sit on the floor to learn in the 21st Century, Some of the villages cannot be accessed by cars and farm produce have to be conveyed by bicycles e.t.c to the market for sales. How long with the bulk of money Nigeria has will it take to provide infrastructures for its people

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