Monday, 23 June 2008


• It has become an open secret that the federal government has run out of a workable solution to bury the embarrassing situation in the Niger Delta. Apparently, the situation has run out of control since the last 8 and half years.• .
Niger Delta agitators want a fair share of the mineral resources been exploited by the Federal government in their region, they want structural and economic development as well as social amenities including very good schools, hospitals and employment for their youths.
Nigerian can not continue to overlook the violence situation in the Niger Delta and in short the whole country as if it is a mere child's play.Everybody has a part to play in resolving this issue .As conflict and unrest profits nobody.How do we enjoy our resources in crisis
The issue of Niger Delta can not and should not be politicized by any government as it may result to damning consequences for the existence of one Nigeria• The federal government should stitch the time and save nine by calling a meeting with the aggrieved and finding a permanent solution to the Niger Delta crisis. Killing all the militants would not put a permanent stop to the crisis in the Niger Delta; doing this will help to build grudges amongst the Niger Delta youths and young rebels will spring up. If the federal government succeeded in wiping out the militants the same problems will resurface over and over again.•

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