Saturday, 21 June 2008

About Me

Esther is a human sexuality educator and women's and girls' rights activist and serves as GYCA's West Africa Focal Point. Currently, she is studying social work at the University of Calabar. She is a graduate of Girls Power Initiative 3-year Comprehensive Sexuality and Life Management program, and has worked as a peer health educator and volunteer for the Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria. She played lead roles in several projects such as the "Youth with Future" project, a youth mobilization program, and the "We are one" project, an HIV/ AIDS integration program. She was also involved with the Global Youth Action Network/World Bank "Youth in Action" project, and a World Citizen educational program.

In 2007, she facilitated a capacity building workshop on the role of young people in the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals organized by the World Youth Alliance with support from GYAN/World Bank. During her term as Nigeria NFP, Esther advocated for the creation of a youth department in the University of Calabar. She is also involved in the Creating Local Connections West Africa project as the Research and Documentation officer and National Leadership Trainer, where she mentors other young people in projects such as a group called "Future Assured," that focuses on providing accurate information on sexuality and sexual and reproductive health for teenagers in an area with a high rate of sex tourism, in order to empower teenagers negotiate and/or refuse sexual activity, as well as serve as agents of change among their peers in that community.

She is the lead author of the 2008 UNGASS National Youth Shadow Report, a nominee for the prestigious Mexico City Youth Partnership Initiative of the World AIDS Campaign and a member of the Mexico Youth Force and ICASA Youth Front Advocacy sub-committees(a coalition of youth-led and/or youth-serving HIV/AIDS organizations who are working to empower young delegates and promote youth participation around HIV/AIDS before, during and after the XVII Mexico City International AIDS Conference,2008) and the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa, Senegal 2008

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