Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Interaction with African Sage on the Ghanaian Story

The learning visit to Ghana has been great, today I the last day at the lodge and we would be heading to Nigeria tomorrow, but today was a great ay we had great interactions with Leslie Baofo and then most importantly we had a good history session with Mr. Kotei Dsane AKA Jordan the 70 year old father of Naa the Country Director of Youngstars Ghana in our lodge.
The man was full of wisdom and history with a very sharp memory. He shared with us the history of Ghana from the time of Kwame Nkrumah from 1948 when Nkrumah declared positive action that was intensified under the CPP platform in 1956 that led to their independence in 1957.
He said something that can be a clue to why Ghana is enjoying constant power supply and by the way guys we have had constant power supply since we arrived, he said through the foresight of Nkrumah he liaised with foreign partners to develop the akosob dam that generates power. And he said if not for that dam the power issue in Ghana would have been worse, but this was not accomplished without stiff internal opposition. Is possible that such internal opposition is the reason behind Nigeria’s power issue that poses insurmountable?
He shared with us several attempt to kill Kwame Nkrumah including when a grenade was planted in the flowers of a 7 year old girl that was to be presented to Nkrumah on his return from Burkina Faso.
He shared also with us the emergence of former president Rawlings his emergence from military to democracy including several stiff opposition he faced including when his fingers were pulled off, the sage lamented that military takeover is largely responsible for the lack of sustainable development in African countries.
The interaction ended when he said Africans are toying with our destiny.
Hi all lets hear the words of this wise African man, its time for us to take our destiny in our hands and be the change we want to see
Ogaga E. Maxwell
Live from Hilltop Hotel
Accra, Ghana

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