Monday, 17 August 2009

Conversations with H.E Jerry Rawlings 1

Hi Young Democrat and Emerging Leaders
Conversations are great, but what makes a great conversation is who you are talking with. no doubt talking with Former President Jerry Rawlings can be termed one of those few conversations that comes once in a lifetime.
I would be doing a brief series on that and highlights of lessons learnt, I would quote His Excellency and then proceed with my own thoughts
"In the Last 10 years there has been a global decline in Morals" J Rawlings
When you discuss with people in their office there is an air of 'officialness" that goes with it, but when you talk with a man in his private residence then you have his heart. That was the opportunity we got to talk with this great man at his home and he was sharing like a father would talk with a son, he has a passion for the continent of Africa.
I would be writing as a son who has sat under a traditional African Father, hearing wisdom tales in moonlight.
Without a shadow of doubt there has been a general decline in the moral fabric of several nations around the globe, what people use to value has been turned away, most people are carried away by materialism, fame and fortune. Right from the onset the issue of moral decay was the heartbeat of President Jerry, he said that is the foundation for the growth of any nation and people group.
As young democrats, what is our MORAL QUOTIENT, in the Bible, Law books and Koran Morals are preached and virtues are taught, when we begin to realize that the development of our great nation lies on the moral platforms of individuals then we have started the race but until then no nation can be built on a faulty foundation. When people through Morals to the wind then hey have thrown away the opportunity for sustainable development" Ogaga Maxwell
Lets build our live on strong Moral foundations and watch our nation grow..more on these later .....more conversations later,

Ogaga E. Maxwell


an.hayrapetyan said...

hey Ogaga, congratulations, a great article and you know it's more interesting to read than the ones taken from the websites. I think you should work on it more, prepare more articles and you'll become a well-known journalist. Wish you success!!!

d2dyi said...

thanks a lot, i really appreciate, i would do more and keep at it