Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Ghana/Nigeria Youth Network on Intl Youth Day

August 12th was the international youth day worldwide, the leader of the Earth Charter Youth Group Warri Ogaga Maxwell was on a democratic learning visit to Ghana under the DESLAY programme a democracy programme initiated by Youngstars Foundation Jos and sponsored by National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Washington D.C, USA.
The Earth Youth group leader used the opportunity of the learning visit to Ghana to hold an interactive meeting on the international youth day with the Nigerian and Ghana Youths, Four Nigerian youths and three Ghanaian youths were present in the meeting.
Bola Abimbola the project director of Youngstars Foundation, Jos shared on the relationship between Governance and Environment, and key factors towards the sustainability of our various youth initiatives, he discussed extensively on the concepts of emerging leaders and the difference between governance and good governance. Whilst a Nigerian Youth John O. John shared on his work in Zamfara state a sharia state in Northern Nigeria. John O. John has been involved in HIV/AIDS awareness work in Zamfara state working with rural children in the state.
Aminu Bonniface and Samuel the president and co founder of YEA Ghana which is the Earth Charter group in Accra Ghana shared on their works in Ghana.
We looked at the challenges young people are facing in both countries, there were various form of interactions and exchange of contacts. Ogaga Maxwell introduced the Earth Charter to those who were not already away of what the Earth Charter was and it was a great time of national interaction on the Earth Charter platform on the international youth day.
I am wearing the Nigeria Colours in the middle (Green, whit
e, green)
Ogaga Maxwell

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