Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Since last week and this week we have been doing a selection of those who would attend the training and as of today we have 30 young people who have been randomly selected from three schools, a youth resource center where youths are trained on skills acquisition and also a street youth.

We have also been able to arrange for a training venue and have contacted the resource persons that includes myself (Ogaga Maxwell), a physically challenged person Lucky, My Igho and the mediator expert Dr Brown Ogbeifun

The schedule for training has been outlined and the first training will commence on Thursday this week by Friday Saturday the first set of pictures will be posted and the first full report including the list of accepted students will be posted.

The football and stationeries have been purchased and also the project banner is been printed and the design will be posted online in the blog on Saturday also

Ogaga Maxwell
Sports Skills 4 Peace Project

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