Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Sports Skills 4 Peace Project


Your Project Overview

Project Name:
Sports skills 4 peace

Timeframe: 1st July-August 2009.

Project geographic focus:
The project would be in the Sapele area of the Niger Delta region , a semi-urban area there have been cases of inter-school fights and violence, where students from different schools fight each other and these has in some case escalated to families, streets and some times led to the closure of the said schools, we want to use these project as an intervention project using sports and mediation /peace education skills capacity building workshop to empower the student to act as agents of change and held instill peace in their schools. The increase in school violence has led to the formation of secondary school gangs (cults) a sense of belonging may decrease the vulnerability of young people to school gangs and militancy afterward, sports becomes a good method to increase dialogue, friendship and new identities, while at the same time they are acquiring new skills. The target audience is 40 (forty students) , 8 (eight) each from the four schools in Sapele that have been involved at one time or the other in fighting (violence), age bracket 13-20. and street kids

Objectives of the project
1. To enhance the capacity of young people in identifying conflicts and method of resolving conflicts.
2. To raise through the project 40 peace peer educators into the secondary schools.
3. To develop an understanding of the process of mediation.
4. through practical sports session learn tolerance, dialogue, team work, build relationships and bridges
5. To kick start the process of contributing towards sustainable peace and social cohesion for secondary schools.
6. To engage and redirect the energy of young people towards positive and meaningful activities
Activities planned 1. 3 Peace/ Mediation Capacity workshops
2. Practical Sports session/Practice
3. A peace match (Peace & Sports Day)
4. Printing/Distribution of stickers to schools (1,000) Peace stickers “I am a student, I stand for Peace”
5. Monitoring and Evaluation
Partner NGO Expert/Resource Person
U.K Certified Mediation
Dr Brown Ogbeifun
African Initiative for Transparency
Accountability and Leadership (AFRITAL)
No 12 Okumagba Avenue, Warri
Delta State, Nigeria

Project Supervision/Mentor

Global Youth Leader (World Economic Forum)
Youngstars Development Initiative

Project Partner (Execution)
Igho Irish
Dowell Foundation Sapele.

Monitoring & Evaluating 1. Monitoring progress during and after workshop through pre and post workshop test.
2. Observing tolerance and team work attitude before and after project especially during sports session.
3. Attendance to all sessions and final completion of project.
4. testing knowledge through post test
5. No of trainees that attended sessions and completed their assignments
oral interview and questionnaires
Timeline 1stt Week July –Call for Application
2nd week in July-Review of Application/ Confirmation of selected participant
3rd week July-1st Workshop
4th week July-2nd workshop
1stst weekAugust-3rd Workshop/peace sticker’s distribution
2nd week in August-Sports Team work skills/Peace Match/ Certificate presentation.

Additional Funding Please specify all additional sources of project funding (if any), including amounts.

. Football Jerseys provided y AFRITAL (Dr Brown Ogbeifun) and technical support

Your Data

Ogaga E. Maxwell

No 12 Okumagba Avenue
Warri, Delta State




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