Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Two School guidance and counselors were present at the venue of the capacity building workshop as they came with their students to observe the lectures and activities, one of them was interviewed and she sated that the project was timely and it was needed.
33 participants were present to kick start the project from five schools ad the local Youth Center, the schools are Okpe Senior School, Urhlapele Secondary School, Okotie-Eboh Grammar School,Zik Grammar School, Ethiope Mixed Secondary School, amongst the participant is a physically challenged youth. There was gender balance in the representation. And the students participated actively in the sessions.
The first session kicked off with introduction of participant and asking them their knowledge of conflict and some of their experiences, more details in the report.
The expert in the project during our proposal an expert mediator Dr Brown Ogbeifun Member, conflict Mgt and Leadership Training Institute , Canada, Member, the Governing Council, Institute of Mediation and Conciliation (Nigeria), Member, Panel of Neutrals, High Court of the Federal Territory Abuja, (Nigeria), Member, Society for Human Resource Management, (USA),MTI Certified Professional in Managing workplace conflict (USA), Accredited Mediator, Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution-UK, Member , Institute if Chartered Mediators and conciliators; associate member Nigeria Institute of management chartered and also served as the 10th PENGASSAN President Nigeria was on ground to talk to the student s on MEDIATION AS A TOOL FOR RESOLUTION OF CONFLICTS IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS.
The lectures was interactive and profound, he introduced the students to the basic concepts of mediation and how they can be mediators in their various schools, these was a broad frame work of discussion that would later enhance further talks on conflict, understanding conflicts and mediation. The students were deeply touched by practical examples given in the lecture. a copy of the lecture would be sent immediately it is sent to me email he came with a hard copy.
As the founder of the Earth Charter Youth Group,Warri http://ecyg.wikispaces.com/Nigeria_Warri . I introduced the participant to the Earth Charter document (www.earthcharter.org) especially the Earth Charter pillar of Promoting a culture of tolerance, nonviolence, and peace. But more specifically” b. Implement comprehensive strategies to prevent violent conflict and use collaborative problem solving to manage and resolve environmental conflicts and other disputes.”. This was also to provide further boost to the Project as this would be reported in the Earth Charter websites , and it was clearly stated that the project was funded by Youth Action for change.
NB “The Earth Charter Initiative” is an extraordinarily diverse, global network of people, organizations, and institutions that participate in promoting and implementing the values and principles of the Earth Charter.
The Initiative is a broad-based, voluntary, civil society effort. Participants include leading international institutions, national governments and their agencies, university associations, non-government organizations and community-based groups, city governments, faith groups, schools and businesses – as well as thousands of individuals.

When the school counselor of Okotie-Eboh grammar school was asked if the project was needed, she and the student said yes, it was learnt that just on Wednesday 15th a case of school violence took place in their school were a student was sustained injuries from a cutlass cut and was rushed to the hospital. The students narrated several conflicts and fights that have taken place in their schools over the last months, street boys coming into their classes to steal their phones and beat them up.

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