Friday, 21 November 2008

Niger Delta Arms & The Army General

Was walking past one of our newspaper stand today (19-11-08) and I read the bold headline of a general and six others who were sentenced to life imprisonment for selling 7 thousand arms to Militant MEND group for the cost of about 102 Million Naira.
The issue was how can a man raise to the position of an army general and not yet be patriotic? were are the values and discipline he was taught in the military? How can a man that has risen to that height sell his soul and all his discipline because of greed? this is the problem we face in Nigeria, rulers 9not leaders) who are more concerned with what they can acquire even though they have as opposed to what they can give, when a young dynamic ruler in the person of Barack Obama is emerging in the USA heralding change, the greedy Nigerian Army General is busy selling guns and ammunitions to young vibrant youths the future of this nation to kill and hurt themselves.
If his son was in the Niger Delta would he sell them guns, how can the federal government combat the Niger Delta problem when people within their ranks are not interested in peace but rather want to make money from the conflict of the region? The time has come for a young generation of Nigeria to arise, Nigeria with value s and dreams, we are responsible for the emerging new Nigeria…God bless Nigeria

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