Wednesday, 21 October 2009

LIP Debriefing Workshop-Ota, Nigeria

From September 28th -29th 2009,the African Leadership Forum (ALF) held the Debriefing workshop for participants of the Legislative Internship Programme(LIP).After the successful completion of their 21-day internship at the various Houses of Assemblies, participants converged at Ota, to share experiences and lessons learnt, review plans for the future and work out ways of sustainability of the network created.

The training session featured topics on Planning a Political career, Understanding Party politics, Volunteerism, Mobilization Strategies and Skills as a politician, Strategies for becoming a Parliamentary support Staff and Understanding Party Politics.
The various state teams presented their reports, Esther Eshiet presented for Cross River State, the event was wrapped up by presentations of certificates and a farewell party.

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